The Smoke Fairies

Tasty Hasty's picture
Thekla, Bristol
3rd June 2014
A delightful venue, formerly The Old Profanity Showboat, inhabited by one Vivian Stanshall, the boat has hosted many memorable gigs, including Crowded House's first reunion in 2007. It closes for a couple of months shortly for maintenance purposes (my son reckons there's a hole in it) which made the comment by one of the two Fairies, Jessica Davies,about never playing below the waterline before, quite pertinent. I was expecting a fairly dreamy, spacy set by just the two girls but, instead, had the full band experience with bass (German porn star lookalike), drums (big, big hitter) and keyboard/violin/guitar (70s hippie). The sound was very psych-gothic, with elements of Curved Air, Lana Del Rey, and Anna Calvi thrown and was a revelation. Never heard much of them before and the ticket was a present so went there expecting a pretty lanquid evening but ended up with a quite exhilarating one.
The audience: 
About half full (150 capacity), quite a lot of oldish men (myself included). We were on the,very intimate, balcony and, on one side, a guy filmed the whole gig, on the other side, the guy kept taking selfies with the band in the background...weird!
Food & drink: 
£4.20 for a bottle of beautiful Bath Gem, pretty steep but worth it, just. Food in the daytime on the top deck, I think.
It made me think: 
I love going to gigs with little or no expectations and coming back completely blown away. compare that with seeing an act you've been dying to see for years and not feeling pretty blase by the end of the gig.


I love the Thekla - saw the Stinkfoot show there a year or two back, which was particularly memorable - as long as it isn't rammed full!

Almost didn't - the two support acts were so dire (Lucy Rose was one, can't recall the other) that I almost left (which I really never do).

Glad I stayed as it was a mesmerising night once the Smoke Fairies took the stage.

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