Snodgrass (Sky Arts Playhouse Presents)

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David Blair
Ian Hart returns for a third crack at playing John Lennon - this time in a 30 minute short film by David Quantick based on a story by Ian R MacLeod in which John left the Beatles in 1962 and is a workshy 50 year old in Manchester in 1991. The Beatles are still knocking around the clubs. All Lear-like quips and sardonic one liners, Lennon drifts through the world sneering at the ordinaries or 'Snodgrass'. Haunted by his past at his new workplace, feeling above everyone else, born for greater things, Hart manages to carve out a real person despite the lyric quoting dialogue in the script. Its a slight thing but quality nonetheless. The only big mis-step is right at the start with a radio playing news and song clips to remind people of 1991. Yet I would contend that music - which includes Nirvana - would not exist without the Lennon Beatles and their wordwide influence of popular culture. Aside from that it was nice little alternate reality with Hart perfect again as Lennon.
Might appeal to people who enjoyed: 
the songs of those popular moptops from that there Liverpool with their shaggy heads and foot tapping wit.


That the chances of Macca writing Mull Of Kintyre without having earned the money to live there are slim. Otherwise, excellent performance by Hart as a thoroughly bitter, twisted and fairly hateful 50 year old. Fine script but a grim, depressing watch. I really hope that was the intention.

dfb, but I think 'a' nirvana would have existed - Teh Be-atles are not the be all and end all

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