Gareth Bale scores another tonight.

He good but he's not a £50million wunderkind that the press are making him out to be is he?

I'm more inclined to think its just a pretty good run of form with one spectacular goal.

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You almost gave me a heart attack: I thought it had all kicked off again.

And I shall bear that grudge forever!

.... than Rooney.

Goalswise I think this might be a fluke season for him. I remember Hoddle scoring 22 from midfield when he was about Bale's age now. As good as Hoddle was, he never scored that many again. But if Bale's scoring rate keeps up next season I could see someone paying £50 million for him. Maybe even more if there's a few clubs competing for his signature..

(albeit an idiot) was prepared to pay £50 million for Torres, then Bale is 'worth' at least twice that. Not how it really works in the real world, obviously. Very exciting player to watch without doubt & seems to have it all. I would imagine opposition managers are even now devising ways to contain him, like doubling up etc. but given that these days you can't kick a talented player off the pitch, I cant see any reason why he won't thrive.
It's probably obvious, but his temperament will be a huge factor in how far he goes. Unlike the gormless Rooney he doesn't seem to have a short fuse or be an utter idiot, so it bodes well for the lad, Brian.

He strikes me as the sort of player that gets his head turned by someone like Real Madrid, has a few poor games (because his limited style doesn't fit in with the local league) and spends the rest of the season on the bench and is never feted again.

Just wondering.

he's a diver alright.

of having a team built around him. In a team surrounded by even more talented players with bigger egos, he may not shine so brightly.

was signed by Spurs as a left-back, was promoted to left midfield and has now been given more of a roaming role by AVB which seems to have chimed with his goal scoring regularity. Interestingly, each of these positions have been placed upon him as much out of necessity as by design in that the club has either lost cover or been exposed as weak in those areas. In other words I think he just loves playing football and, you know Brian, doing a job for the team.

But he needs to stop diving.

Oh and one more thing. Spurs beat Inter last night, not Bale.

The problem with Bale (and he isn't alone) is this ludicrous idea that any contact from an opponent is a foul, and gives him 'the right to go down'. The laws of the game say otherwise.

You should only go down if the tackle genuinely causes you to go down.

It is up to the referee to then decide whether the contact was sufficient to merit a free-kick or any further sanction.

They all have the right to go down. Fortunately, the referees are now increasingly exercising their right to book them for cheating.

... football press (and not just the tabloids) love making something out of nothing. If Bale's got any sense he won't give a fuck about these, media-stoked, comparisons with Ronaldo. And all this Rooney speculation is bollocks - he knew he was on the bench purely for tactical reasons - and being on the bench, particularly in the modern game, doesn't mean you've been dropped. You only have to listen to the Sunday Supplement (Sky Sports Podcast) to realise what a load of speculative nonsense is spoken by our, so-called, football experts.

It's not just the past few weeks. He's being doing that since the back end of 09/10.

The Inter side last night were a pale shadow of the side that won the Champions League under Mourinho though.

Got to both last night's endeavours and Sunday.

Bale seems to have all kinds of stuff going for him.

A Spurs coach who comes into my school tells us that long after everyone else has baby-Bentleyed it back to mock Tudorsville, that Bale is out on the Enfield training ground practising free kick after free kick, often being the last to leave the centre.

It is disappointing to see him go down, but he is one ankle assassin away from a long and nasty injury.

He isn't Nani, or Barton, Suarez, or some other obnoxious weasel.

Spurs are firng on several cylinders at the moment, Lennon, Parker, Dmbele, Lloris on fire.
Just wish that some of their home-produced kids could cut it.Townsend, Livermore, Carroll,KAne, Smith - simply not up to it.
Great hope Huddlestone can't even get, possibly fit, on the bench.

Still, it's decent stuff to watch and long may it continue.

Bale is a cheat who dives at seemingly every opportunity, far more so than Suarez, but doesn't get the criticism he deserves as he isn't a dastardly foreign type. Now that referees are no longer fooled by his tricks, Spurs should accept the silly money that's apparently being offered for a player who could soon become a liability.

He has definitely improved. Early this season it was getting embarrassing.

I have no dog in this fight, as Bale will never play for a team I support. His diving accusations remind me of Robben at Chelsea. He plays at pace & will go down if clipped, sometimes on purpose & sometimes not. I never quite worked Robben out although he was widely labelled a whinger. Suarez's game is surely more about close control, and he's previously used his talents in the box to wrap himself around defenders deliberately for penalties & bookings. He's got better of late, which isn't hard, but his rep as a snide is down to him, not his nationality.

Which was against West Brom, and was for a tackle from behind. Steven Gerrard then missed it.

At the moment he's looking one of the best Spurs players ever, having supported them since the 60s, but you prove yourself over time. He's been doing similar stuff since Champions League 2010 so he's getting close to 3 years now. I think as someone else said, if you can pay 50m for Torres, Bale has to be up there, but it's meaningless really as Torres has shown. I hope Bale doesn't go for the big money and I don't think he will, it could ruin him. Gazza never quite lived up to the billing after going to Italy.

In his pomp, Torres was arguably the best striker in the world, and would've been well worth £50m (by current standards) had Chelsea been able to get him back to top form.

Unfortunately for them, his flame appears to have been extinguished.

I hope Bale continues to play brilliantly, and more importantly, I hope he does it at Spurs. There's this feeling the UK that if a player is good, they must immediately go to United, City, Chelsea or overseas.

Why not stay at WHL and become a legend?

But it's notable how few of the players from these parts have gone to the big European clubs and been truly successful. Steve McManaman surprised people, I think, with how well he did at Madrid. What other British players can say that they proved themselves abroad? The last unqualified success, I would say, was Liam Brady who played a key role in two championships for Juventus and, when replaced by Platini, had made enough of an impression to spend a further five years in Serie A. Brookster wonders whether Bale would shine so bright in a team of stars. Being a big fish in a small pond is comfortable, having a team built around you is comfortable, staying home and telling yourself it's because of the cash in the Prem is comfortable. It would be nice to see more British footballers test themselves overseas. And it would make them better players too.

I'm a Leeds fan-feel free to retaliate.

Spurs have a good manager and a decent squad. AVB could build them into challengers, but not if the top players bugger off as soon as the big boys come aknockin'.

Bit of a diver.

Press going over the top on him, partly because he's British, partly because of his athleticism - they always wet their pants over the quick, strong looking ones. Comparisons to Messi and Ronaldo are preposterous at this stage.

Would be stunned if he's still at Spurs in 18 months time. He'll leave them for all the same reasons he left Southampton - to take the next step. Just enjoy him while you've got him is my advice, and be glad you didn't flog him in 2010.

... all you other clubs would be wasting your money ... honestly ... better for everyone if you all go away and we keep him.

Well, Bale doesn't need much persuasion to go down, but his pace and dead ball play were excellent today, and I reckon he's world class. Thank God Kyle Walker and Jermaine Defoe aren't. Ha!

looks good. Not just Bale but Dembele and Sigurdsson also. Every time I see Dembele, I wonder why Manchester Utd didn't try to sign him. Liverpool were let off the hook here. Though they started well they soon faded-Coutinho has potential otherwise it's a reliance on Suarez. Fantastic player though he is, he could easily have been sent off with that performance, on another day.

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