Twang's picture
What's it called?: 
Future Games
What does it sound like?: 
Slightly bonkers. There are 22 tracks glued together with an insane mix of samples from the Muppets, Star Trek, US radio, film soundtracks, Abbott and Costello, Tarzan, old records, random ambient sounds...it's pretty trippy but there are lots of tunes, and wonderful textures courtesy Randy California's guitar, analogue synths and layers of harmony vocals. There's a terrific version of "All along the watchtower" which rivals Randy's old guitar teacher Jimi's version. Apparently Randy was on a mission and most of it is him with some odd contributions from the band.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Who knows. It appears to be about looking back on easier and more certain times and out to the future with trepidation. The end of the hippy dream maybe? It came out in 1977 so it was all over by then anyway. It didn't sell, naturally.
Goes well with …: 
Anything really. A spliff and headphones of course. Happy daze and late nights is what this album says to me, but I just listened to it whilst working and it still sounds great.
Might suit people who like …: 
Hard to say. It's not hard rocking, it's not folky, it's not prog. It is unique. People who like something whimsical, fun and trippy will like it. You can't dance to it. It's a feel good chill out treat.


Familiar(ish) with Randy California - it was Jimi who gave him his monicker, yes? However, this is new to me, and as someone who loves the clever use of samples, I will check now - well, once wine has chilled and is ready...

...thank you Twang

your right, its totally bonkers. even in 77 it sounded like nothing else around. actually, especially then as
punk was the thing, so of course it never sold, but my copy still makes its way onto the turntable every now and
then. that and 12 dreams of course

WILL check this out.

Thanks Twang.

Om Namah Shivaya :-)

I like all the post-Sardo releases (except for the predictably ho-hum fake-Spiritual Feedback). There's an interesting boot of outtakes from this.

caused me to have a severe 'whitey' back in 77.

Love the album, was one of the 50 I kept when I, regretfully, sold my vinyl collection. Has anybody seen the BBC3 comedy, Cuckoo, which has been on recently? I'm sure the main character was based on the wonderful Randy California.

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