The Spoils Of War

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Michael Lockwood
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a multi-billion dollar heist set in post-reconstruction Iraq. A tautly-written and meticulously researched thriller that is startlingly based on real events (except the ones that were made up), Spoils Of War follows our hero Mitchell Walker from a failed marriage in New Zealand, through the hell-hole of Iraq, to the glittering towers of Dubai, hunting down a shitload of heisted money. There's some relationship stuff in it, but it never gets in the way of somebody getting his face shot off or exploded. The plot's more cleverer than usual - it got rejected by one publisher as being "too well written for the genre" - other rejections were basically variants of "we got books like it" or "we got none books like it". If you like sensitive, issue-based novels examining our failure to commit to a relationship in a world where conventional mores are being overturned, then avoid Spoils Of War. Otherwise, do cough up the risibly few pence asked. Amazon and Endeavour Press dot coms.
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Just about any of the pleasures that life has to offer. If you've enjoyed a fag on top of the bus, a chilled glass of Mateus Rose, or one of Picasso's poems, then this is the book for you. By turns a sublime meditation on loss and a heartfelt crie du coeur for man's inhumanity to man, it also has some fucking fantastic explosions an' guns an' shit what will keep you enthralled as what only fine literature can. I can offhand think of no greater work of art in any medium. But I've run out of spa
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I've never learned anything, obviously.


I've ordered a hundred copies because I'll want to read it again and again!

Here's the Amazon link -

But I think there's a bit of vested interest here.

as long as you're interested.

Tell me, are you equally good at dissing your competitors in the Amazon Comments section?

We don' got no steenking competitors.

...I used the £3 meant for the Rumanian lady standing outside Boots in the pouring rain to instead download Spoils of War to the iPad. If the book does not live up to the hype then I hope the reviewer's conscience is clear.....

Sadly he's been dead 20 years. But I know he'd love it. Unless it's got rude words in it.

a sort of Andy McNab type vibe then ?

Only kidding, Burt. Congratulations! And I hope your house is coming on nicely and that your missus and dogs are all well (especially Minnie).

... here. "Buy Spoils of War today from Amazon and get selected titles for 99p". Who could resist?

Recognise thinly disguised versions of themselves?

Destined to be handed round the playground like the best of Sven Hassel, no doubt.

Be careful when ordering.

Otherwise you might end up buying

'Spoils of War: Pontypridd Series'

or maybe

'Spoils of War:Manhandled by Gay Soldiers'.

Or maybe even this bad boy...

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...and you wouldn't want to do that...

Are the authors aware that Gordon Ramsay will undoubtedly refer to their book as "Spalls of War" (as in "wrap in tin fall and bring to the ball)?

That's oil.

Reading Baddha just now. He's a ghost, right?

I think I played this one down/up too much. Here's a better review from someone I've never heard of (and who's never heard of me - it was my co-writer Mike Lockwood who lived this stuff - including being waterboarded. Several times.)

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Gritty Thriller, 5+ January 21, 2014
By DCBourone
Amazon Verified Purchase
Saw this on another forum. Took a glance. Got hooked.
Maximum density of observational detail, can't be faked, one or
both authors lived this and lived it hard. (Upon review I see
this is Tim Earnshaw, who clearly writes from experience.)
Perfect portrayal of Bagdad 2004-08, what a clusterF---.
I hope this is a continuing series and character.
"Take him out back and torch him. In his chair."
FFing awesome job,Tim E.

Seem curiously reluctant to admit they have anything to do with this book - a search of their site produces no results. No sign of it on Kobo either, so I've resurrected my Kindle account just for you. No tax will be dodged on what Amazon are currently asking, to be sure...

I have to get up and go to work now. "Hits the ground running, and the breathless pace never let's up." Mikethep

I've emailed Endeavour - the world's most illogical publishers - to ask if they've heard of it. It was never available direct from them, anyway.

from ashen-faced supremo of Endeavour: web site very low priority, don't sell from it, never kept up to date. It's a whole new kettle of ballgames. He's tweaking algorithms, doesn't give a shit about reviews. Also - this is the "long game". Unlike print, he doesn't have to shift a shedload of physical books over a short period of time.