Steve Earle's Low Highway

What's it called?: 
The Low Highway
What does it sound like?: 
Was a bit meh when I first played it wondering whether, like a mate had said ,that I was also "over Steve" .After all I've got a heck of a lot of his stuff. So I went the old fashioned route- knocked back a few drinks, turned it up loud and put it on repeat. Verdict - Steve's back .Back in a real studio ,back with his old producer, back with Will Rigby and Kelly Looney in the band.It's got that raw raunchy fuzz guitar sound that drove along that clutch of records that ended with Transcendental Blues.Check out Calico County. It also features 3 tracks co-written with the violinist in the TV series Treme, Lucia Micarelli. The country ballads are good too, including the opening title song and the song to his son/s "Remember Me. A review on the weekend said it well "there's a familiarity to this stuff that at first disguises just how good it is". I hardly played Washington Serenade and Townes -this one is on high rotation.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It means Steve is better off in a studio ,with a producer and with the Dukes. Bring on a full band tour.
Goes well with …: 
A pumped up stereo and a few drinks
Might suit people who like …: 
alt country and a bit of sour with their sweet


Being played at least twice daily around these parts. A fantastic record with hooks a plenty and it rewards repeat listens.

Bob Harris Country on the Light Programme on Thursday evening

was it an interview only or did he play too ?

doing Dylan's one more cup of coffee

either, but having taken much the same approach as you, I've changed my mind. But then, I always end up liking pretty much everything he does in the end.

Maybe they'll sound better.Maybe. Really think getting back in the studio has made a hell of a difference.

as usual steve gets it wrong

good ballad about homelessness- Invisible. but no rocker.

My preferences to follow.

mixing up the meth in mythical Calico County

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