The strangest thing you've seen on a merch table?

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For me, the merch table is a major part of the gig experience. A place where the band can meet and greet after the show and of course generate some useful income. Japanese bands seem to particularly good at offering a broad range of interesting merch from badges to strange articles that glow in the dark.

Last night at Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Dawn McCarthy's blisteringly good gig at Kägelbanan here in Stockholm, there was an impressive range of stuff. The great man himself even put in a brief appearance, signed CDs and had his photo taken with fans.

So what was on offer? CDs, LPs, EPs, T shirts and, last but not least, specially produced BPB condoms. I bet you don't get those at Justin Bieber gigs. BPB comes across as a strange hybrid of demon preacher and strangely unsettling ladies man, so it was completely appropriate.

But what is the most imaginative, peculiar or downright wacky item you've seen on a merch table?

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Which I can't say really appealed. The point at which you need your ironing board to say something about your taste in music is past the point at which I've already turned back.

Also did condoms, cigarette papers (ahem!), Oyster card wallets. I remember Nick Cave merch including a very expensive pair of knickers and quite a few bands/artists selling tea-towels.

Maybe this?

The KISS cremation urn.

At a Rammstein gig last week was this:

A metal case with dildos modelled after each band member's err, member. (Warning: Also includes their latest CD.)

Personally I find nothing strange in selling condoms at a rock gig. You SHOULD be able to get them everywhere. (These condom packs are common nowadays as a promotion tool – easy to brand, easy to produce, they've taken the place of ball pens and matches.)

were also marketing their line of coffins at one point too IIRC.

is still available in their shop. Fully equipped to be used as a freezer, too.

(for one condom), I don't think that BPB was exactly laughing all the way to the bank.

At the Roskilde festival in Denmark, when you get your bracelet and programme, they often throw in some rubbers and earplugs.

HBut how about branded condoms at classical concerts or at the Opera? That would be fun. A special Wagner series adorned with pictures of the characters would go down a treat.

Condoms aren't supposed to pop. Maybe that's why they weren't very expensive

I recommend the veal by the way. I've had it twice this week

sold branded earplugs at their merch stand on the way in, when I saw them once.

Very appropriate.

In the old days on a first date, you'd probably check out your date's record collection. If band branded condoms catch on, you won't have to look so far to find out which combos turn him on. So to speak.

Richard Hawley used to sell this Sheffield delicacy at his gigs. It was a pity he didn't sell any pies to go with it.

proud owner of a very nice Richard Hawley tea towel and a bookmark, both from the "Truelove’s Gutter" tour I think.

... the "seed" of something which sounds like one of the band ... er ... members, but is in fact a plant (disappointingly).

He sold a series of woodblocks - a different one per tour.

Sadly I can't find any of the images on the net.

on a merch table. I must go the wrong kind of gigs. But teen faves One Direction offer both that and a toothbrush to go with it.

What a can of wonderful worms I've opened up here. Condoms seem very ordinary compared to some of the stuff on offer. That Supergrass ironing board cover though takes some beating. How about a Metallica tea cosy? They already do a Metallica version of Monopoly.

is a fashion accessory I can no longer live without.

And you thought that Kiss were the Monarchs of Merch? One Direction have articles for all occasions. Shoes, clothes pegs, biscuits: the works.

Back in the days of Beatlemania, surely the Fab Four must have had some interesting souvenirs? And as for the Stones....

Richard Hawley's merch sounds wonderful: small-scale and local. Stuff you'd actually want to buy.

Quite a contrast to the Dead, whose fans were so grateful that they would buy all manner of merch. Coffee cups, golf balls, watches, Frisbees, silk ties, boxer shorts and even a Steal Your Face collar and lead for the Deadhead dog.

They've come quite a way from tie-die T shirts in Haight Ashbury. What a long strange trip it's been!

sell all sorts of clobber, their merch stall is more like a pop-up shop. I was tempted by a tin of BSP Travel Sweets. OMD did a nice line in tea towels on their tour.

an item which sadly I've never seen on any merch tables.

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