The Stranglers (Support: The Godfathers)

Brucefield's picture
The Picturehouse, Edinburgh
2nd March 2013
The Stranglers will be in a town near you this month (if you live in the England or Scotland), with The Godfathers as support. Result: a night of high quality old-school aggressive rock. The Godfathers endeared themselves to the audience by being straightforward and unapologetically London. The Stranglers were, as always, phenomenal. The stage was stripped bare, to allow Baz Warne and Jean-Jacques Burnell plenty of prowling space; a new drummer (didn't catch his name) sat stage centre, next to Jet Black's ominously empty kit. The set was a blast from start to finish, and Jet joined about halfway through, looking frail, in sunglasses and beanie hat. It was a bit of a bluff: once he got going, the hat and glasses were off: he drummed as fast and hard as ever. OK, they didn't play all the hits - but then again there are so many great songs to fit in from the near 40 years of the band's career. Highlights for me were "No More Heroes", Peaches", Always The Sun" and "Skin Deep".
The audience: 
As you'd expect, predominantly male, average age forty plus, solidly built, leather jackets, very short hair. A few punks, but mostly people who don't feel the need to dress up for a band.
Food & drink: 
At at The Mulroy beforehand: Highly recommended. Nothing at the gig - it was packed and we had a good spot - also, I hate bad lager. After: Wadworths 6X at one of the few good pubs in the area (Mathers, Queensferry St)
It made me think: 
Jet Black is 74 years old, and can still play like a demon: the band got noticeably tighter once he was on (no disrespect to his stand-in, who was really good): he just tightened everything up by another 5% or so.


is two years older than Ringo Starr. Extraordinary really.

Can't wait to see them next week...The Stranglers really are back "on form" and The Godfathers are a great choice of support too.

Just right for a Friday night along with a few beers. Iwas pleased that they played Straighten Out I'd forgotten all about that one.

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