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What's it called?: 
Sunshine Girls
What does it sound like?: 
Supposedly the sound of summer 2013, Sunshine Girls is a unique blend of sampled vocals, ambient textures, glitches and post-Burial beats. The Beach Boys this is not. For as little as £4 from the artist's Bandcamp page, this 8 track EP creates a warm fuzzy glow for your ears, creating a sort of Instagrammed snapshot of modern music - discreet, hipsterish and heavily filtered, it evokes an image of a park in a heavily stylized 1970s. Ostensibly this is part of the new wave of chillwave (or "glo-fi" apparently), where post-everything music combines, what this means in reality is that the dreamy tones drift together into a beautifully hazy fuzz. Tracks such as the sublime "More Than Words" or the more beat-driven "Tremolo" often evoke the more ambient tracks on Burial's second album "Untrue", although with more of a hazy summer afternoon than a late night London bus in mind. A year on from the EP's initial release, and it is a record that has never seemed more "now". Strongly recommended.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It means that there are still genres to have a post- in front of their name. Post-chillwave? Glo-fi? Whatever it wants to be called, this is very much the sound of now from a very exciting new UK producer.
Goes well with …: 
Sunshine, nature, light beer and maybe a beach chair. This is a record designed for the summer. However, due to similarities to the post-dubstep stylings of Burial, this also goes well with night time and the rain.
Might suit people who like …: 
Burial, Lake Radio, IG88, Salem, Sun Glitters, Balam Acab, The Aloof


I actually thought that somebody had written a whole piece about a Smashing Pumpkins song. I clearly forgot where I was because I'm the only one round these parts that is likely to do such a futile thing.

Maybe next time:)

I rather like that, even if I did misread it as "Sunshine Girls" being the band name for s start.

Here's that bandcamp page for anyone else interested:

My inner Star Wars geek is also intrigued that there's a band called IG88 out there, will check them out later too.

Very similar sonic template (Yeah, that's right I used that in a sentence...) to Stumbleine, high pitched sampled vocals, ambient keys, glitchy beats, but with a few more "proper" vocals as well - a bit more "100th Window" period Massive Attack than Burial. Recommended also.

rather marvellous & got the seal of approval from a few people at work I shared it with too. Thanks Badger

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