Sylvie Lewis

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What's it called?: 
It's All True
What does it sound like?: 
A certain David Hepworth described Sylvie Lewis as "the sort of young woman young men hope to meet in art galleries". I'm not sure if Sylvie is tired of earnest young men, but this album is far more reflective and wistful than its predecessors. There's a nice range of musical styles - from the country of "Dylan's Arms" to the bossanova of "The Song I Sang Before I Met You" and her voice is, as always, beautiful, but I found it lacking the dry humour of her earlier albums. That quibble aside, repeated listens reveal a depth and quality to the songs.
What does it all *mean*?: 
In a world of autotune, it's a pleasure to hear someone who can sing - with lyrics that are worth listening to.
Goes well with …: 
A black and white movie on a wet Sunday afternoon, or curling up with a Barbara Pym novel or a book of poetry.
Might suit people who like …: 
Nanci Griffith, Laura Cantrell, Isobel Campbell


I was wondering what had happened to her, previous album was enjoyable, so might have to get this

who wrote the original review could let me know who they are, I'll change the author name. Can't track it down through Google's cache. I just copied a couple of random pieces to populate the front page.

I managed to drag up a whole page of cache, and that was one of them

Unfortunately he hasn't an account on the new site, so I can't change the name.

oh well

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