Terry Reid at The Half Moon, Putney, That London

Mike_H's picture
21 May 2013

He's the legendary chap who turned down Jimmy Page's offer to sing for The New Yardbirds but suggested a bloke he knew called Robert Plant instead. Aretha Franklin, when asked what was worth hearing in England in 1968, cited The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Terry Reid. He's still a fine singer.
The Half Moon is one of the oldest small venues in the London Area, with plenty of good history and a nice vibe.
My ticket is already purchased. If you fancy going I'll see you there.


... a very different band, has Terry Reid joined, given that Plant and Bonham came as a package deal. A fine singer, nonetheless, as this quaint bit of film shows.

With Alan White on drums, David Lindley on lap steel and Linda Lewis joining him on vocals. The bass player's Lee Miles.
Not long after this, Lindley went off to tour with Jackson Browne, White left to replace Bill Bruford in Yes and Terry was without a band, leaving his album half-finished. Another 2 years till "River" came out and flopped.

I work quite late on Tuesdays, but that aside I'd be seriously tempted...

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