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What's it called?: 
Childhood's End
What does it sound like?: 
The unreliable Skandinavian Black Metal band (they made a folk album, an ambient album, etc.) has made a covers album of psychedelic sixties songs. From The Byrds' 'Everybody's Been Burned' to 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night' via tracks by The Pretty Things, Troggs, Curt Boettcher, Gandalf and Music Emporium, this is amazing stuff - a cinematic, heavy sound, full of ringing, melodic guitars. At times it reminds me of Bowie's 'Pin-Ups' band, with Steven Wilson on guitar instead of Ronno.
What does it all *mean*?: 
Psych still rules OK
Goes well with …: 
'The Nile Song' by Pink Floyd, Bowie's 'Toy' album and his cover of 'Pictures Of Lily'
Might suit people who like …: 
Porcupine Tree and The Church


Really? One of my fave bands...should I investigate?

Ulver are not as dreamy/spookyas the Church, but the "Childhood" album reminded me a lot of the Church covers LP.

Bowie's 'Toy' album and his cover of 'Pictures Of Lily'

I really dont have a clue about this.

Please - tell me more...

covered 'Pictures Of Lily' on a Who tribute album ("Substitute") - he slowed it down, added lots of fat, ringing guitars until it sounded like "Pin-Ups Returns: 1967".
The "Toy" album was an unreleased precursor to "Heathen" (most of the tracks ended up as extra tracks on singles like 'Everyone Says Hi'). Among the tracks were several covers of his earliest compositions ('You've Got A Habit Of Leaving', etc.), done in his 2000/rock sound.

Most of the arrangements on the Ulver album also do this re-arranging/updating very successfully.

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