The Vaccines

What's it called?: 
Come Of Age
What does it sound like?: 
The Vaccines are back trying to sound less like The Ramones and taking their foot off the accelerator a bit. With elements of Adam and the Ants, The Darkness and hints of Rolling Stones (yes it's definitely in there) this is a less manic effort and none the worse for it. The singles "No Hope" and "Teenage Icon" are radio friendly pop rock songs that will get in your head and never leave. I would even say "Teenage Icon" is the best of it's kind since The Arctic Monkeys debut, lyrically clever, funny, self deprecating with a drive and verve that doesn't let go, my favourite song of the year. Hints of Shadows guitar, Beach Boys falsetto and a song called "Ghost Town" complete an album that is immediately installed as one of this years best and shows these Vaccines are the sort taken with a lump of sugar not some bloody great needle. Maybe not for this site but The Vaccines are not one album wonders, the kids think they are amazeballs and I absolutely love them and this album, give it a go
What does it all *mean*?: 
Fun, loud, brash, rock music never dates. Different bands come and go but each generation will have their favourites and The Vaccines have produced another album that will stand the test of time for this one, whether we like it or not.
Goes well with …: 
A smile and an open mind
Might suit people who like …: 
Rock music of the last 40 years


All the things I loved about the first album was sounding like the Ramones with the foot hard down. Take that away what's the point of the Vaccines?

was fantastic, I wouldn't subscribe to the sniffy attitude to it. I suppose they've had a go at something slightly different, a bit of a risk. There are still some high octane moments and they've only gone from warp speed to Mach 1

Partly on the strength of this review (partly because i've got iTunes vouchers burning a hole in my pocket) and its a good album. Catchy tunes, especially the singles and a sense of not trying too hard - in a good way. Thanks for the recommendation.

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