Inspired by a typically excellent Hepworth piece, in which he mentions the appeal of the place names listed by Lowell George in Willin', I thought I'd attempt a Scottish version.

I was out on the road, late at night
I seen my pretty Ethel in every headlight. Ethel.
Methil Ethel.


Well ah been frae Bonkle tae Broughty Ferry,
Benbecula tae Balmaha,
Driven every kindae rig that's ever been made,
Driven the back roads so ah widnae get weighed,

And if you gie me,
Weed, whites and wine,
And ye show me a sign,
I'll be wullin, tae be movin'.


Smuggled some smokes and folks frae Linlithgow,
Soaked tae the skin, every time I go tae Linlithgow,
An' ah'm still...

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Ye must be related tae ma ol' fren' Billy frae Auchtermatic?

Methil Ethel - just brilliant

Smuggled some smokes and folks from Balerno
Baked by the sun, every time I go Balerno

Artistic licence there I think !!

Blaw,blues,an'Buckie and the next line suggests itself?

Blaw, blues and Bru,
then I'll know what to do




was always my understanding.

China white =
Nah- can't think of anything.

....on China White...

China as in "Hullawrer, china" - (does nobody watch Francie & Josie anymore)?

plus Little Feat toon:


The majestic Lowell...

*Googles 'list of London Underground stations'*

I've been from Angel to Bromley by Bow,
South Kensington to Maida Vale...

starring Dollis (Hill) Doris perhaps?

Oh please y'selves:-)

In Willesden

The loveliness of Clachan, is somehow sadly gay,
The glory that was Muasdale,is of another day,
I've been terribly alone,
And forgotten in Tayinloan
but I'm going back to my village by the bay............
I left my heart, in Gobnagrenan................

I'd just like to give an 'up' to your post, G53!

For my part, I've been famished in Macrihanish, and at my wits end in Southend.

I'll leave you to Mull those over for a while ;-)

big man. Or wee man.

Seriously, thanks for that. Not heard it before.

Kintyre'd of this.

But I know isthmus, no man is an island. Apart from, er...

Gotta love this Afterword minutiae :-)

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