What's it called?: 
Nonsuch (CD+Blu-Ray 5.1 Surround Edition)
What does it sound like?: 
The first of a series of expanded and re-mixed surround sound 5.1 editions by sound wizard Steven Wilson, Nonsuch is the last of the Virgin albums before the groups 'strike', released in 1992 and named after Henry VIII's grandest building project. As always with XTC the quality of song-writing and music is second to none. This edition brings a totally new dimension with the multi-layered tracks really jumping from the speakers. The stereo mix is stunning but the 5.1 is amazing with Peter Pumpkinhead booming out, Dave Mattacks drums cracking the plaster and the piano lead on Wrapped in Grey sounding crystal clear, it sounds like you are with them in the studio. I find it impossible to pick out favourites but if forced to 'The Disappointed' is a stunning pop song which any group would be proud to have written but only Andy P can and 'Bungalow' is Colin M's best I think, with the English melancholy that he does so brilliantly. Thanks to Declan@Panegyric,Bargepole.
What does it all *mean*?: 
It should have meant that XTC had some huge hits in 1992 but of course the cloth-eared public didn't buy enough! This edition means that you can really hear everything, Steve Wilson has really worked his magic on this. Roll on Drums & Wires!
Goes well with …: 
A Winters afternoon, a crackling fire, a House on the South Coast and a half-decent surround system.
Might suit people who like …: 
Quality, quality and more quality.


a brilliant reissue that lesser minded bands would have spread over 4 CDs put in a big box and charged £50 for. Has reminded me what a stunning album Nonsuch is and how much XTC are missed.

Dave and Mattacks.

My favourite thing on this truly life-affirming album.

and I found it hugely comforting, playing it over and over again. 'Rook' in particular takes me straight back to that time. 'Omnibus' is still my favourite on the album.

in my first term at University. A girl about my age used to get on at Eckington... I wonder where she is now.

I'm turning into Bernstein off of Citizen Kane.

mr wilson worked his magic with this as he did on 'close to the edge.'
coming soon to this section pop pickers,something else he worked on - this time with the mighty king crimson!

that was ok Mr B. There are a thousand more erudite writers on here than me so I tried my best. Please pass on my thanks to the powers that be. I have really enjoyed reviewing this and enjoyed listening to it even more.

what one's coming there, I've done Larks' Tongues?

anyone who's willing can have a go at, and all arranged courtsey of michael who very kindly started this whole thing with his thread a couple of months back.

Two questions from the technically stupid.....

1) Amazon have two versions DVD and blu ray - I don't have blu ray but Might upgrade will the blu ray play on the DVD player until I do and if I put it in the iMac would that be better?
2) if I don't have a surround system am I just wasting money seeing I have the cd of Nonsuch which I bought when it came out?

Blu-ray won't play on an ordinary DVD. Both DVD and Blu-ray have surround-sound mixes of the album, to play out over 5 speaker systems. There may be software which allows Blu-Ray to play on an iMac. I've never tried to on mine.

The CD which comes with both versions is a new remix of Nonsuch, and is not the same as the original CD (1992), or the Japanese card cover CDs (2000) which came out later. The "card" CDs eventually appeared in jewel cases.

Thanks for that - time to update the Xmas list

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I'm not really interested in investing in Blu-Ray and a bunch of new hardware (to quote Alan Partridge) "apropos acheiving Surround Sound" I think XTC are the only band I really like to have released something on this format and as I'm not a big movie buff it's not worth it for me.

it's a shame the extra tracks, documemtary instrumentals, demos etc are only available on the Blu-Ray not the remastered CD & DVD..I presume its down to the amount of data the discs can hold so I'll stick with my original 90s CD version for now.

I do have a blu ray player but no surround. But the version on the cd (now without the fades-good) is a marked improvement on the original uk cd,American cd & the uk vinyl copy. For first time ever-surround sound appeals!!

Think it's Skylarking next. Can't wait to hear results-despite being my favourite XTC album it's the worst sounding in original form.

It's Drums and Wires next according to the man himself (Andy P) Skylarking is coming in a correct polarity version, not surround (I think)

Will no doubt be extending the overdraft whichever one it is!