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What an enjoyable weekend! Finding songs about the 50 states of the USA for Walker's Let us be lovers thread and 50 artists or bands from each of them for my 50 states - 50 greats thread. Wayfarer has now got a thread going on about song titles featuring the name of each state.


Now I'm going to throw the gauntlet to the Afterword cinephiles and couch potatoes. Can you come up with a movie or TV series set or filmed in each of the states? New York State and California: easy peasy!

North Dakota and Wisconsin? Could be a bit trickier.

Hopefully this is going to turn up a few forgotten gems as well as a few modern indie gems.

IMDB here I come!

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North Dakota - easy peasy.


Wisconsin Death Trip, would seem to fit the bill

This romcom thriller from 1986, starring Dennis Quaid and Ellen Barkin, had a soundtrack to die for.

Down in the Louisiana bayou is Southern Comfort.

Best drama about music ever?

Nice one!

Here's your other "tricky" one, KaisFD:

Happy Days, set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Barry Levinson's Diner. This scene might be familiar around here:

From the great state of Alaska.

Brian De Palma's 1976 classic. And a whole bucket-load of other bloody horror films by the looks of things.

Does Stephen King live there perchance?

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.

Thoroughly underrated. Boat drinks, all.

... Also Colorado

One of my favourite comedies, but I had to check on Wiki to find out where Punxsutawney is located.

No wonder I never got a Geography O level!

Dead Poet's Society - it's set in Vermont, although it was actually filmed in Delaware.

Stand By Me is set in Oregon and was filmed there too.

specifically Shermer -
as referenced in the following films
1. Weird Science
2. The Breakfast Club
3. Home Alone
4. Sixteen Candles
5. Pretty In Pink
6. Planes, Trains & Automobiles
7. National Lampoon's Vacation
8. She's Having A Baby
9. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
10. Dogma

funny - I can't find it on the map...

Winter's Bone - brilliant but not exactly cheery film set in the Ozarks.

The end of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is set in Wyoming.
North by Northwest- South Dakota.
Garden State-New Jersey.

Magnum PI and of course the 5-O

Of course not a single scene was actually shot there.

The Hollywood moguls clearly didn't have Georgia on their mind.

Both set and shot in Georgia.

was filmed on location in Georgia. The city slickers are from Atlanta.

New Mexico

Grosse Pointe Blank - Michigan

The Virgin Suicides is also set in Grosse Point.

And Northern Exposure got a mention further up. Maggie, the pilot in NE also comes from Grosse Point.

The short lived but excellent Miami Mice

Frasier - Washington (Seattle)
Cheers - Mass. ( Boston)
Sopranos - New Jersey
King Of the Hill - Texas

Meet me in St Louis (Missouri)
Nashville (Tennessee)
I think many John Ford films -like The Searchers- were filmed in Arizona

And who could forget Sgt Ernest Bilko at Fort Baxter, Roseville, Kansas?

Washinton DC - The West Wing (yes, I know DC isn't a State. But there's plenty of folks around here who think it should be)
Virginia - The X Files.
North Carolina claims Kenny "F*cking" Powers, from Eastbound and Down

I give you

Gilmore Girls - Connecticut
Fried Green tomatoes...- Alabama
and I think Colour Purple was set in / filmed in North Carolina


Iowa - Field of Dreams

Family Guy - Rhode Island
Parks & Recreation - Indiana
Northern Exposure - Alaska
Justified - Kentucky

Filmed in, ahem, Texas, yes (and California) but only west and south-east, nowhere near the actual place of the title. Myself and a friend dropped by a bar in Van Horn, mentioned in film, in middle of desert on road-trip once, Tex-Mex on the jukebox and none of the staff or pool-playing customers spoke English. We managed to order a beer each. It was quite a wonderful place. They did not accept luncheon vouchers.

was the starting off point for Hitchcock's Psycho.
Not sure if the Bates Motel was there though



Filmed in Snoqualmie, Washington State in the Pacific Northwest - and very picturesque it looked too, although I wouldn't want to live there. The owls are not what they seem!

but Nevada was definitely the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back.

setting the scene were shot in Oregon and Montana with a smidgeon of Yosemite. The indoor bits were done at Elstree studios,

Bob Rafaelson's Five Easy Pieces, also starring Jack Nicholson, was also filmed in Orego.n.

Bareback Mountain, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Django Unchained, Shane, Dances with Wolves

and Third Encounters and Star Trek The Motion Picture.

Wonder what kind of food is popular. Trek-Mex perhaps?

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

was a real event in that there Connecticut.

But I bet that was filmed nowhere near either either Glastonbury or Connecticut!

and many others were filmed in West Virginia.

Matewan, a film about a coal miners' strike and the company efforts to break it, is set in West Virginia.

Directed by John Sayles, it's a really powerful piece of cinema.

is located in Ohio. Ok, it's a cartoon, but Scooby and his pals are major cultural icons.

It's amazing how many times it's been successfully rebooted. The modern Mystery Inc have mobile phones, go to rock concerts and use the internet to solve mysteries.

Anyone for a Scooby snack?

provided the locations for Oh Brother! Where art thou? which is set in Mississippi in the 1930s.

The title is a reference to a 1941 Preston Sturges film, Sullivan's Travels.,_Where_Art_Thou%3F

in particular Assault on Precint 13. I saw it at the NFT followed by a question and answer session with the director, who at that time was totally unknown.

So I'm interested to see that Halloween is set in the fictional Illinois town of Haddonfield and The Fog in Antonio Bay in California.


does actually exist. I suspect the inhabitants are not quite as wacky as Eric Cartman & Co.

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