Beach Sessions, Waterbeach, Sat 20th Sep

20 September 2014

This month in the Waterbeach Baptist Chapel (think shrunken Union Chapel in rural Cambridgeshire location)

Soundtrack composer Tom Adams playing his slightly proggy work live to film projections.
Support from Gaze Is Ghost, aka Northern Irish singer/songwriter Laura McGarrigle (echoes of Tori Amos, Kate Bush).

Through my top-notch PA system.

Doors 8pm for 8:30 start. Tickets £7 / £4 (13-17 yrs).

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CBVD Cloudcast Ep. 8

The latest cloudcast is now online, featuring the usual mixture of car boot music in various states of crackliness. And a Flumps reference.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Episode 8 by Car Boot Vinyl Diaries on Mixcloud

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I Was Rachel Swan - My fifth novella free to download 8-12/9/14



I’ve published my fifth novella on Amazon for the Kindle.

It will be free to download worldwide until 12/9/14. It will work on any devices with a Kindle app such as a mobile phone or an iPad.

Daylight Music: 5th Birthday Party

12 September 2014

Daylight Music is my favourite way to see live music in London. You get to hang out at London's best venue (the Union Chapel in Islington), grab a cup of tea and a slice of something yummy, and listen to some corking live music. It's been brightening London's weekends for 5 years now; to celebrate they're throwing a big birthday party featuring splendid acts like Frank Chickens, Chaps Choir, Chris T-T, Gill Sandell, and The Belles of London City. Oh, and me. I'll be playing the organ (TV themes and 80s pop, probably) inbetween all those fabulous bands.

It'd be lovely to see you there.

More info here.

And if you want to dive in and buy your ticket, you can do that here..

Hannah x

An Audience With Donovan

6 September 2014

As a fundraiser for the esteemed London arts venue The Horse Hospital and as a curtain raiser for SATURATION 70

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Thames Valley Mingle @ Blue's Smokehouse, Bracknell

4 September 2014

The Thames Valley chapter of the Afterword clique are meeting for mingling and meat at Blue's Smokehouse BBQ, Thursday 4th September @ 7.30-8pm for menu and venue details

Old hands and newbies welcome as ever


The Distillaires present a distillation of American roots music

13 September 2014

I'm breaking cover to let you know about a gig that I'm doing. I am a member of a duo playing a mix of blues, jazz, standards, country and roots music. The aim that we have is to try and connect all of these types of music together and present it as if it was all meant to be one kind of music, which in a way, it is. We've been doing this for years as a Saturday afternoon hobby, but life has got in the way of it really moving beyond that. Earlier this year we decided to develop the act and get out there and play for people. Since March we've played 1-2 times a week and against all odds have a local following.

The next step is a full gig, where we try out the whole set list in front of an audience. We are playing at The Station in Sutton Coldfield (near Birmingham) on Saturday 13th September at 7:30pm. Entry is free, but we'll be passing the hat around for tips.

If you think we're rubbish, at least the beer is good.

We are on facebook,

Just Look At His Face

Welcome to edition1 of an ebook repository for the living history of the wondrous game of association football.

Our ethos is pretty simple – we will be out there at the coalface of history, hacking away at interviews with the great and the good of the game’s past while they’re there to be got. Amid a modern media of controlled access, protected positions and corporate concerns, our interviewees have the freedom of speech that comes with distance. Look at how Clive Thomas, Craig Brown, Ray Wilson or Jan Tomaszewski speak in this issue and imagine something similar dripping from the mouths of their current day contemporaries.

“Just Look At His Face” is a line stolen from a Barry Davies commentary when Francis Lee, then at Derby County, whacked the ball into the Manchester City net. The commentary begins with, “Interesting…very interesting!” That is our motto, our aim, our raison d’etre as we excavate stories long buried but which are all the more illuminating once brought to the surface.

The team behind this is a totally self-contained power trio, a bit like Cream, though we’re not telling you which one is Ginger Baker. Chris Lepkowski, Sam Slater and Bill Thomas are behind this gloriously unfashionable enterprise that hopes to make the past the future. Between us, we will be foisting tales of yesteryear upon you on a quarterly basis for a long time to come, so you better get used to it.

For edition 1, where else could we start but with the World Cup? We’ve covered tournaments from 1950 to 2006 from perspectives across the spectrum, from Poland to the United States, from goalscorers to referees.

We live in strange times children, times where, pretty soon, they’ll be abolishing insight and intelligence. In the meantime, let us make hay. As Hunter Thompson instructed, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”

Major, a new ribbon for the typewriter if you’ll be so good...

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CBVD Cloudcast Ep. 7.

More car boot and chazza vinyl with me. Could be worse.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Episode 7 by Car Boot Vinyl Diaries on Mixcloud

Looking for Kate Bush Ticket - Saturday Sept. 6 show

If anyone has a spare ticket for the Kate Bush show on Saturday, September 6, that they are willing to sell - or knows of anyone who has a spare ticket for sale - please contact me via Twitter or the contact form on my website.

Because of the restrictions on entry to the venue (original ticket purchaser has to present the tickets and ID at the door) the ticket would have to be one that was bought as part of a group, with the original purchaser also attending the show. As much as I would like to see the show, I don't want to pay for a ticket that I may not be able to use.

To reassure any potential sellers, I go to a concert to listen to the music - so if I sit with you and/or your friends, I won't talk on my cellphone throughout the show or engage in any of the other oh-so-annoying concert behaviours.


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Super Summer Giveaway - final part!

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries is giving away a 70s Soul classic album in the third and final part of the Giveaway. The first two competitions proved extremely popular, but I have a feeling that this one will attract even more entries:

Good luck vinyl-lovers!

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New CBVD Cloudcast - Episode 6.

Me again, with more car boot and chazza vinyl. It won't help you cool down but it might make you fall asleep.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Episode 6 by Car Boot Vinyl Diaries on Mixcloud

Making an album part 4: I’m not with the band

Now that the World Cup is over, work can continue on that difficult 'middle-aged-loser-writes-more-songs-that-nobody-is-interested-in' album.

Although I’m working with several different people on this project, I’ve chosen not to go down the route of forming a band to record it. Instead, I’m bringing in musicians as and when required. I’ve been in plenty of bands over the years and I’ve always been the main songwriter, but being a ‘one-person-does-most-of-the-writing’ kind of band is not necessarily the greatest formula for longevity. When the songwriting is a truly collaborative process, with everyone having a more or less equal say in the composition, you’ve probably got a better chance of keeping everyone in the band happy. But that’s not usually how I prefer to work, for reasons I’ve been exploring with a psychotherapist for the past decade or so (another three or four years, she says, and I should be almost out of the woods).

To read more self-pitying tales of disastrous gigs, disgraceful clothes and miserable songs that would sound great if only they had been written and recorded by someone more talented, please visit my blog:

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Dexys Bootleg Runners at The Ferry, Glasgow

19 July 2014

I know there are a few Dexys fans here so here's a plug for this band. We are a Glasgow based 10-piece with horns, strings, banjo, piano, organ - the lot. We are doing two sets. First is a recreation of the Projected Passion Revue. 1981 Dexys (best ever!), all horny attitude and stomping soul based classics. Second set is based on Dexys today, although there is very little cross over with that show.

I can do tickets at just £8 (much cheaper than booking direct).

We are also going to be in Birmingham (spiritual home and all that) on 8th August and in Gloucester on the 9th then later in the year we'll be playing that London.

If you are into Dexys at all I can guarantee you will like this show. I'm a huge fan and also the MD of the band and I this is something that I would want to see if I was a Dexys fan.

Here's a video taken from the floor on a previous trip to Birmingham.

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My stuff on Redbubble

I've started to sell some of my designs on Redbubble. They are available at t-shirts, phone cases etc etc. I'll be adding more as and when I have the time. Here's the link if you'd like to take a gander.

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Cloudcast no.5 now online.

The new Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Cloudcast is now on mixcloud, with a load of used vinyl treasures including Joni, Van, Miami Sound Machine, Bobbie Gentry and lots more. Might keep you out of trouble for an hour.

Car Boot Vinyl Diaries Episode 5 by Car Boot Vinyl Diaries on Mixcloud

Club Wino VIII

15 August 2014

Cardinal Wino will be making their final appearance with their current line-up (and indeed, name) at the Underbelly in Hoxton on 15th August. Basically, we will be bidding a fond adieu to our long serving drummer Jonnie before we return to the fray in the not too distant future with a new recruit and a (slightly) amended name, since wisely or unwisely, we decided that a change of personnel should mean a change in name.
We are hosting the 8th Club Wino and will be supported by Tony Black & The Collectors as well as fine Irish songwriter, Doctor Millar.
Come along for some finely crafted jingly jangly rock 'n' roll and all that kind of palaver.
More info here:

The Jetsonics at The Purple Turtle

11 July 2014

The Jetsonics will be appearing at The Purple Turtle in Camden on Friday July 11th. Doors open at 7pm and we're on first, so get there early.


9 July 2014

Hi ho everyone! Please have a look at the website fer our band: - hope ya like it!
Whisperin Jon

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ANNOYING WOMEN – My fifth novel free to download 7-11/7/14



I’ve published my fifth novel on Amazon for the Kindle.

It will be free to download worldwide until 11/7/14. It will work on any devices with a Kindle app.